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Surfing & Luxury Travel: High-End Resorts and Epic Waves

Surfing has long been associated with the adventurous. Where surfers seek out pristine waves and untouched coastlines foregoing luxury for the remote waves. However, the world of surfing has expanded beyond the realm of rustic beach towns and basic accommodations. With the rise of luxury travel, surfers now have the opportunity to experience luxury surfing and combine their love for riding waves with indulgent experiences at high-end resorts.

Destinations around the globe offer the perfect blend of epic waves and luxurious accommodations, creating an unparalleled surfing experience. Whether it’s the pristine beaches of the Maldives, the lush jungle of Central America or the rugged coastlines of Morocco. On the tropical islands of Indonesia or the exotic shores of Sri Lanka, surfers have a plethora of options to choose from.

Maldives Luxury Surf Resorts

One such destination that embodies the fusion of luxury and surfing is the Maldives. With its turquoise waters, picture-perfect waves, and stunning over-water villas, the Maldives offers a surfing experience like no other. Resorts like Six Senses Laamu, Niyama Private Islands, and AYADA Maldives cater to surfers seeking both adventure and indulgence. These resorts boast great surf breaks, expert surf guides, and luxurious amenities such as spa treatments, gourmet dining, and personalized service. At Niyama surfers can paddle out to its private world-class reef break, Vodi , and return to their villas for a truly lavish retreat.

Nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of the Maldives, Soneva Fushi stands as the epitome of luxury and sophistication. This idyllic resort offers an unrivalled experience that combines natural beauty, opulent accommodations, and impeccable service. From the moment you step foot on the island, you are transported to a world of indulgence and tranquility. Guests can indulge in exceptional dining experiences, rejuvenate at the serene Spa, and partake in a range of activities, from diving to sunset cruises. Soneva Fushi is a paradise where luxury meets sustainability, creating an unforgettable experience for discerning travelers.

Luxury Surfing in Sri Lanka

Heading to the teardrop-shaped island of Sri Lanka, luxury surf resorts have emerged along its stunning coastlines. Anantara Peacehaven Tangalle is a firm favourite for surfers wanting to escape their busy lives and experience 5-star luxury. Located in the far South of the island, Anantara Peace Haven Resort sits in front of a private tropical beach. Just a 5-minute drive from the resort there is a punchy righthand pointbreak which offers easy take-offs and fun walls to play with. Slightly further afield is a dreamy horseshoe-shaped bay with a beginner and longboard-friendly beach break.

Indonesia Luxury Surf Resorts

Indonesia, with its vast archipelago, is a treasure trove for surfers seeking luxury and seclusion in remote island paradises. From the Mentawai Islands to the Banyak Islands, this tropical haven offers a collection of exclusive luxury surf resorts that cater to the discerning traveler. Surrounded by untouched natural beauty, guests can enjoy uncrowded waves, explore vibrant coral reefs, and immerse themselves in the tranquility of these remote island escapes.

NIHI Sumba, having been voted the “World’s Best Hotel” for 2 years running, offers an unforgettable luxury surfing experience that is unmatched by any other resort in Indonesia. NIHI Sumba is blessed with exclusive access to ‘Occy’s Left’, a stunning left-hander that breaks directly in front of the resort. Awera Resort & Spa, located at the Northern end of the Central Mentawai Islands, is an exclusive beachfront surf resort with its own private beach, large pool, and access to some of the best waves in the Mentawai Island chain.

Indonesia Luxury Surf Boat Trips

For those seeking a truly off-the-beaten-path surfing adventure, Kudanil Explorer is a completely unique, luxury charter experience. This converted Indonesian safety vessel offers some of the highest-end cabins and living spaces available on the water.

Surfers can explore the furthest reaches of the Indonesian archipelago (Raja Ampat, Papua, and the Maluku Islands) in 5-star luxury. Equipped with 8 beautifully designed staterooms, a large jacuzzi, and huge dining and lounge areas, Kudanil Explorer is a charter in a league of its own! The focus of Kudanil Explorer is to offer an exclusive experience onboard and in the water, chasing some of the most untouched surf in the world!

Barefoot Luxury in the Philippines

In the Philippines, Siargao Island has gained a reputation as the country’s surfing mecca. Known for its legendary Cloud9 break, Siargao attracts surfers from around the globe. Amidst this tropical paradise, Nay Palad Hideaway, a barefoot luxury resort, offers unparalleled comfort and refined elegance. Surrounded by lush vegetation and pristine beaches, guests can retreat to their private villas or enjoy lavish amenities such as spa treatments and gourmet dining. After a thrilling day of riding the renowned barrels of Cloud9, surfers can indulge in the tranquility and opulence that Nay Palad provides.

World-class Luxury Surf in Fiji

In the heart of the South Pacific, Fiji captivates surfers with its epic waves and idyllic islands. Six Senses Fiji, located on the perfect Malolo Island, is a haven for surfers in search of luxurious seclusion. The resort offers a total of 24 beautiful villas, making it smaller and more intimate than many other luxury offerings, just one of the many reasons we love Six Senses Fiji. The resort is just a short boat ride from a range of world-class waves, including Cloudbreak, one of the best left-hand barrels in the world!

Luxury Surfing in Central America

Further afield, Costa Rica has emerged as a premier destination for luxury surf travel. Four Seasons Peninsula Papagayo offers a perfect blend of pristine beaches, world-class waves, and luxurious amenities. Surfers can enjoy the thrill of riding breaks like Witch’s Rock or Ollie’s Point, knowing that a plush resort with stunning ocean views awaits their return. A few km up north, on the Southwest Pacific coast of Nicaragua, Rancho Santana delivers world-class accommodations and luxurious amenities with a dedication to sustainability. The Ranch boasts 2,700 acres of rolling hills, five unique beaches, a variety of dining options, and a myriad of activities from adventure sports to spa treatments.

If you’d like to experience a brand new eco-haven flanked by lush jungle-clad mountains and the warm Pacific Ocean you should stay at One&Only Mandarina, a hidden retreat in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico. Intrinsically connected to the environment, One&Only Mandarina blends the best of chic resort living, tropical relaxation, and authentic outdoor adventure. Nayarit has tons of options for experienced surfers, while the secluded crystal-clear waters bay of the resort is the perfect place to learn the basics of surfing!

Eco-luxury in Morocco

Venturing to North Africa, Morocco offers an enticing blend of world-class surf breaks and cultural richness. Taghazout, located along the country’s stunning coastline, has become a popular destination for surfers seeking both thrilling waves and luxury accommodations. Paradis Plage provides an oasis of sophistication amidst the rugged beauty of the Moroccan coastline. Surfers can explore renowned breaks such as Anchor Point and Killer Point, and then retreat to their private suites or villas with breathtaking ocean views. 

While the concept of luxury surf travel may initially seem at odds with the idea of a free-spirited surfing lifestyle, it offers an opportunity for surfers to indulge in comfort and relaxation after a day in the water. These high-end resorts and charters provide a level of convenience, service, and pampering that can enhance the overall surf experience. Additionally, luxury surf travel contributes to the local economies by creating employment opportunities and supporting sustainable practices in the hospitality industry.

It is important, however, to strike a balance between luxury and respect for the local environment and culture. Sustainable practices should be at the forefront of luxury surf travel, with resorts and charters adopting eco-friendly initiatives such as minimizing waste, supporting local communities, and promoting conservation efforts. Surfers can play their part by choosing resorts that align with their values and engaging in responsible travel practices, such as reducing plastic waste and respecting the natural surroundings.

Surfing and luxury travel are no longer mutually exclusive. With the availability of high-end resorts and charters, surfers can indulge in the best of both worlds. These destinations offer unparalleled surfing experiences paired with luxurious accommodations and amenities, providing an unforgettable getaway. As long as sustainability and respect for the environment are maintained, luxury surf travel can contribute positively to both the surfing community and the local communities where these resorts are located. So, whether you’re seeking the perfect wave in the Maldives, Indonesia, Central America, or beyond, why not treat yourself to an unforgettable surfing experience with a touch of luxury?

Written by Delia Ruiz Malo

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Customer Reviews

AWAVE Travel

Customer Reviews

Omar AlJammaz 03/07/23

Great travel options, great customer support, simplifying planing process.
Looking forward for my next trip.

Nina Ross 03/08/23

Awesome holiday to Hudhuranfushi. Giulia was very helpful and quick to respond and overall we were very impressed with Awave Travel.
Lohi's is a private, on site, awesome left hander that just kept giving. Also had options of 2 daily surf boat trips that went to other local breaks such as Sultans, Ninja's, Cokes, Jails. The surf team are amazing and we scored great waves the whole time we were there.
Stayed in a Sunset family beach villa which was perfect for a family of 4, then upgraded for the last 3 nights to Ocean Villas, both great for different reasons!
Island staff are so helpful and welcoming, and there's a good variety of food options available. Lots of other things to do such as paddleboarding, jet ski-ing, spa treatments, yoga and amazing snorkelling - with sharks, turtles and rays! We also hired bikes to get around and do morning surf checks!
An amazing trip, thank you Awave and Hudhuranfushi!

Seb Speck 25/06/23

We had an amazing time on the Mentawai islands booked through Awave Travel.
Giulia was very helpful and available at all times during the booking process. And we had the best time on the Mentawais on the Maki Boat. The staff were amazing. Raul the surf guide was very helpful, friendly and coached us on the waves. Kaique the photographer produced top quality pictures and videos from the water, boat and drone.
Overall very happy and would highly recommend it.

Tom Ward 18/06/23

We charted Seafarer for a 10 day trip in the Maldives. We booked with AWAVE about 12 months before. James was super helpful, really responsive and just easy to deal with. We even made a very last minute change to go to the central atolls which he arranged pretty much straight away. The trip itself was unreal, great surf, amazing wildlife and scenery. If you’re thinking about a surf charter, do it and book through these guys!

Natasha Gronski 06/08/23

Awave Travel is the best surf travel agency I have ever booked! They are very professional and responsive to my inquiries and are able to match me with a surf trip appropriate to my interests and skill level. They have an outstanding relationship and reputation with the resorts that they work with, which makes a difference in the consumer experience. Above all, the Awave staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about the areas they recommend, as they have actually surfed the spots and stayed at the resorts. For anyone who wants a hassle-free, no worries, relaxing and fun surf adventure, Awave Travel is the way to go!

David 05/29/23

8 of us stayed at Hudhuranfushi for my 50th birthday celebration. The resort and services were amazing. James and the team at AWAVE stayed in contact from the beginning to end to ensure we had everything we needed. Great experience. Definitely looking forward to booking our next trip with AWAVE in the near future.

Alexandra Franz 05/31/23

We spent amazing days in Morocco in Amouage. Was an amazing stay and the full surf package offered by AWAVE was great.
All the people were very nice and coaches were amazing. Booking was very smooth, answered all my questions and they took care of everything.
I took the coaching package and had a great time and learning. The teacher was great, very patient and explained everything very nice and calm. Felt safe all the time and had a lot of fun as well.
My boyfriend had the guiding package and he also had a great time. He was always taken to the spots that fitted his level and enjoyed the full when conditions were nice.

Alex Reuter 05/22/23

We stayed at Ayada in Maldives and I can't be more complimentary of AWAVE! Awesome and patient advise over whatsapp on which resort to go to with extremely details local knowledge on surf conditions, wave spots, resort quality, which atolls to go to, etc. I followed their recommendation and it was spot on. Easy booking on short notice before the trip, can't thank James enough!

Stewart Cropp 05/19/23

Our remarkable trip was 12 months in the was awkward to organize because there was so many people coming and going over our two week chartered cruise.
I can’t speak highly enough of AWAVE and more to the point ,the wonderful Giulia Manfrini. She is so caring and sweet and far above and beyond any travel consultant that I have ever worked with
Thankyou Giulia for all your prompt answers to my gazillion questions
You are “Simply the best”.
Now onto the Carpe Diem
The trip of a lifetime was had by all 20 of us
The Captain and crew worked tirelessly to pander to our every whim
They would not allow us to lift a finger
Our Barmen Shawn and Cook ( still can’t pronounce his name ) were superb, the food was first class and varied and the alcohol flowed like a river
Our Surf guide “Seppe” found waves for us every day except for two while we travelled deep into the central Attols
We were greatful for the rest
We snorkeled with the sharks and visited uninhabited Islands spent an afternoon being spoiled at a high class resort .
All in all an Awsome trip

Diane 05/11/23

James helped us organize our trip in April for my partner and I in the Mentawai.
First, lets discuss the service : James was super clear and reactive. We received a list of resorts with different price ranges and he provided all the elements for us to decide based on our needs and budget. We felt very supported for the organization and we even received so advices few days before leaving for packing.
I was a bit afraid as i'm not a good surfer so i reach out many times to understand how I could still try and learn and James always replied very quick and with all the info i need.
Then when we arrive : it was super well organized, everything went smooth and we fell in love with the place and people. We can tell they really worked on their resort selection and travel organization and we trust our next adventure will be as qualitative.
Already recommended their service ;).