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Easy Surf Trips vs. Escape the Crowds: Choosing your Perfect Surf Trip!

Planning a surf trip is an exciting endeavor. When it comes to surf destinations, two options emerge, Easy Surf Trips or Escaping the Crowds.

In this article, we look at some of the advantages of hassle-free surf trips for those wanting the easiest trip possible! For those willing to go the extra mile, we have included the key advantages of searching for uncrowded areas!

Easy Surf Trips: Embrace the Joy of Effortless Surf Adventures

Not every surf trip needs to be an adrenaline-fueled adventure or a quest to conquer challenging waves. Sometimes, the appeal lies in the simplicity and enjoyment of an easy surf trip. Whether you’re a beginner surfer, looking for a relaxed vacation with family and friends, or simply seeking hassle-free wave-catching, easy surf trips offer an ideal blend of convenience, comfort, and consistent surf conditions. Let’s delve into the world of easy surf trips and discover why they are the perfect choice for those seeking a laid-back surfing experience.

Easy surf trips focus on convenience, comfort, and consistent wave conditions. They are ideal for beginners, intermediate surfers, or those seeking a more relaxed and hassle-free experience. Examples include places like Bali, Portugal, the Maldives and Morocco.
Here are some key features of an Easy Surf Trip!

Beginner-Friendly Waves: 

Easy surf trips typically offer mellow, forgiving waves that are perfect for beginners to learn and progress their skills. These destinations boast surf breaks with long, gentle rides and minimal risk of hazards, allowing novice surfers to gain confidence and enjoy their time in the water.

COMO Uma Canggu is a beautiful beachfront resort centrally located on the black-sand beaches of Canggu, one of the coolest areas in Bali. Just a stone’s throw away from Echo Beach, COMO Uma Canggu has access to some great quality waves. Beginners and improvers are well served at the nearby Batu Bolong Beach, just 5 minutes walk from the resort. Here you will find the best longboard waves in Bali! For more advanced surfers, Echo Beach with its perfect barrels and rippable waves is also a short walk away! This is a very easy surf trip to do with friends, a partner or family!

Accessible Locations:

Easy surf trips often take you to popular surf destinations with well-developed infrastructure and amenities. These locations are easily accessible, with a range of accommodation options, restaurants, and surf schools or camps catering to all skill levels. 

Morocco is an all-year outstanding surf holiday destination and its coastline, famous for its huge variety of surf, has something for everyone. If Morocco is your preferred option we recommend staying at Amouage, an oceanfront Boutique Hotel overlooking Anchor Point, in Taghazout. Amouage is located 40 min drive North of Agadir international airport (AGA) along a picturesque coastal road. Agadir Al Massira Airport is a short flight (2-4 hrs) from most central European cities.

In the Maldives, Hudhuranfushi Surf Resort, located in the North Male Atoll, is only a 20-minute boat ride from the international airport. The resort is situated on its own island boasting white sand beaches and Lohis breaking along the house reef! The wave is exclusive to the resort, limiting the number of surfers onsite to 45, meaning that the crowd levels are low and there are always enough waves to go around! 

Consistent Wave Quality:

These destinations have a reputation for consistent wave quality, ensuring you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch waves throughout your trip. The waves may not be as challenging or powerful as in more remote or advanced spots, but they provide a reliable and enjoyable surfing experience for all levels.

Ericeira’s coastline is dotted with plenty of world-class waves (consistent all year round!) which made the town gain the recognition of the first World Surfing Reserve in Europe! We recommend staying at Aethos Ericeira. This secluded property is located above the ocean, surrounded by nature, watching over the Atlantic. Ericeira is famous for some of the best waves in the world with more than 10 recognized spots packed into under 10 miles of coastline. You will find numerous classic reef setups, rocky headlands and small river-mouth bays that shape the swells into world-class waves such as Coxos and Ribeira D’Ilhas.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere:

Easy surf trips often attract families and travelers seeking a laid-back beach vacation. They offer a relaxed atmosphere, family-friendly accommodations, and additional activities beyond surfing to keep everyone entertained. It’s an excellent option for those looking to combine quality surf time with other family-oriented experiences.

Martinhal Sagres in the unspoiled Western Algarve, in Portugal, is the best family resort in Europe. Everything about Martinhal Sagres is designed with families in mind. Stylish and design-orientated, Martinhal Sagres offers families a luxury beach holiday experience with high-class family-friendly accommodations, restaurants, bars, kids and leisure services that put families first. The resort offers a great variety of activities. From bike tours to dolphins-watching boat trips, hot air balloons, horse-riding and jeep safaris, there is something on offer for all tastes!

Escaping the Crowds: Discovering Untouched Waves and Adventurous Surfing

If you’re an intrepid and experienced surfer seeking a truly remarkable and adventurous surfing experience, escaping the crowds is the ultimate pursuit. While popular surf spots offer their own allure, there’s something uniquely special about finding those hidden gems that remain untouched by the masses. Let’s dive into the world of escaping the crowds and exploring the exhilarating possibilities that await those willing to seek out remote and uncrowded surf breaks.

The Road Less Traveled: 

Escaping the crowds is about venturing off the beaten path and discovering surf spots that few have explored. These remote locations may require some effort and determination to reach, but the rewards are immeasurable. Consider destinations like the remote island of Sumba in Indonesia, the Northern Aposentillo in Nicaragua, the secluded Pelican Point peninsula in Namibia, or the lesser-known and the most uncrowded breaks in the Maldives, in Baa Atoll. These untapped havens offer a sense of discovery and an opportunity to connect with nature on a deeper level. 

The Aposentillo in Nicaragua is a hidden gem for surfers seeking pristine waves and a laid-back atmosphere. With a mix of point breaks and beach breaks (including The Boom, celebrated as one of Nicaragua’s finest waves), the area provides surfers with diverse options for all tastes. with no crowds around! The surf culture in Aposentillo is also characterized by a friendly and welcoming community. Locals and fellow surfers often share the lineup with smiles and camaraderie, creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere. This sense of community adds to the overall charm of surfing in Aposentillo. Immersed in natural splendour, Amaru Nicaragua is AWAVE Travel’s favourite option in the region and its expert surf guides will make sure you score the best waves!

Pristine and Natural Surroundings:

One of the most remarkable aspects of escaping the crowds is the chance to immerse yourself in untouched natural beauty. Picture pristine white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush green landscapes surrounding you as you paddle out. These destinations often offer breathtaking sunsets, dramatic cliffs and landscapes, and an abundance of marine life. It’s an opportunity to experience the raw and unspoiled beauty of the ocean and its surroundings.

Have you ever been in a UNESCO-designated Biosphere Reserve where coral and local species flourish? If not your destination is Soneva Fushi, in the Baa Atoll, one of the most beautifully designed eco-resorts in the Maldives, a real luxury desert island hideaway. The resort has access to some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world. Baa Atoll is known for having the least crowded and most unexplored surf in the Maldives. 

Uncrowded Lineups:

One of the primary motivations for escaping the crowds is the chance to enjoy uncrowded surf and uninterrupted waves. Unlike popular surf spots that can become overcrowded and competitive, these remote breaks provide a sense of serenity and solitude. You’ll have the freedom to be more selective, catch more waves, and truly savor the essence of surfing without the hustle and bustle of a crowded lineup.

If you want to experience an uncrowded lineup you should go to NIHI Sumba, a very special resort standing well apart from the crowd and sitting beautifully in the rugged natural landscape. Having been voted the “World’s Best Hotel” for 2 years running, NIHI Sumba offers an unforgettable luxury surfing experience that is unmatched by any other resort in Indonesia. The resort is blessed with exclusive access to ‘Occy’s Left’. To keep the crowds low and the lineup clear for NIHIs guests, there is a limit of 10 surfers in the resort at any time. This guarantees you as many waves as you can handle!

Challenging and World-Class Waves:

Escaping the crowds often leads to encountering challenging and world-class waves. These breaks can be more powerful, hollow, and fast, demanding a higher level of skill and experience. They offer a chance to test your limits, hone your technique, and experience the thrill of riding waves that have been relatively untouched. Whether it’s barreling reef breaks or powerful beach breaks, these waves present a thrilling and rewarding challenge for experienced surfers.

Pelican Point Lodge is an extraordinary African destination, nestled in the remote and captivating landscape of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast and known for its world-class waves and stunning coastlines. Surrounded by untouched Atlantic Ocean beaches with their world-renowned waves on one side and the serene Walvis Bay Lagoon on the other, the hotel aims to provide its guests with a one-of-a-kind experience. The world-famous Skeleton Bay has gained international recognition as one of the best waves in the world by professional surfers. With the potential for 2km of picture-perfect draining barrels in ankle-deep water, this wave is heavy, fast and possibly the best and longest barrel you will ever witness.

Deciding between an Easy Surf Trip and Escaping the Crowds ultimately depends on your surfing ability, personal preferences, and the experience you seek. Are you looking for a relaxed family vacation with consistent waves, or do you crave an adventurous and challenging surfing experience? The answer will determine the most suitable destination. Escape the Crowds surf trips often require more planning, research, potentially longer travel times, and a higher budget.  Whilst easy surf trips tend to offer more affordable options and require less planning.

Remember, the beauty of surfing lies in the joy of riding waves and immersing yourself in stunning coastal environments. Please respect the environment, local communities, and marine life. It is crucial to adopt an ethos of responsible travel and leave no trace. By preserving these pristine destinations, we ensure their beauty and authenticity for future generations of surfers to come.

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Customer Reviews

AWAVE Travel

Customer Reviews

Omar AlJammaz 03/07/23

Great travel options, great customer support, simplifying planing process.
Looking forward for my next trip.

Nina Ross 03/08/23

Awesome holiday to Hudhuranfushi. Giulia was very helpful and quick to respond and overall we were very impressed with Awave Travel.
Lohi's is a private, on site, awesome left hander that just kept giving. Also had options of 2 daily surf boat trips that went to other local breaks such as Sultans, Ninja's, Cokes, Jails. The surf team are amazing and we scored great waves the whole time we were there.
Stayed in a Sunset family beach villa which was perfect for a family of 4, then upgraded for the last 3 nights to Ocean Villas, both great for different reasons!
Island staff are so helpful and welcoming, and there's a good variety of food options available. Lots of other things to do such as paddleboarding, jet ski-ing, spa treatments, yoga and amazing snorkelling - with sharks, turtles and rays! We also hired bikes to get around and do morning surf checks!
An amazing trip, thank you Awave and Hudhuranfushi!

Seb Speck 25/06/23

We had an amazing time on the Mentawai islands booked through Awave Travel.
Giulia was very helpful and available at all times during the booking process. And we had the best time on the Mentawais on the Maki Boat. The staff were amazing. Raul the surf guide was very helpful, friendly and coached us on the waves. Kaique the photographer produced top quality pictures and videos from the water, boat and drone.
Overall very happy and would highly recommend it.

Tom Ward 18/06/23

We charted Seafarer for a 10 day trip in the Maldives. We booked with AWAVE about 12 months before. James was super helpful, really responsive and just easy to deal with. We even made a very last minute change to go to the central atolls which he arranged pretty much straight away. The trip itself was unreal, great surf, amazing wildlife and scenery. If you’re thinking about a surf charter, do it and book through these guys!

Natasha Gronski 06/08/23

Awave Travel is the best surf travel agency I have ever booked! They are very professional and responsive to my inquiries and are able to match me with a surf trip appropriate to my interests and skill level. They have an outstanding relationship and reputation with the resorts that they work with, which makes a difference in the consumer experience. Above all, the Awave staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about the areas they recommend, as they have actually surfed the spots and stayed at the resorts. For anyone who wants a hassle-free, no worries, relaxing and fun surf adventure, Awave Travel is the way to go!

David 05/29/23

8 of us stayed at Hudhuranfushi for my 50th birthday celebration. The resort and services were amazing. James and the team at AWAVE stayed in contact from the beginning to end to ensure we had everything we needed. Great experience. Definitely looking forward to booking our next trip with AWAVE in the near future.

Alexandra Franz 05/31/23

We spent amazing days in Morocco in Amouage. Was an amazing stay and the full surf package offered by AWAVE was great.
All the people were very nice and coaches were amazing. Booking was very smooth, answered all my questions and they took care of everything.
I took the coaching package and had a great time and learning. The teacher was great, very patient and explained everything very nice and calm. Felt safe all the time and had a lot of fun as well.
My boyfriend had the guiding package and he also had a great time. He was always taken to the spots that fitted his level and enjoyed the full when conditions were nice.

Alex Reuter 05/22/23

We stayed at Ayada in Maldives and I can't be more complimentary of AWAVE! Awesome and patient advise over whatsapp on which resort to go to with extremely details local knowledge on surf conditions, wave spots, resort quality, which atolls to go to, etc. I followed their recommendation and it was spot on. Easy booking on short notice before the trip, can't thank James enough!

Stewart Cropp 05/19/23

Our remarkable trip was 12 months in the was awkward to organize because there was so many people coming and going over our two week chartered cruise.
I can’t speak highly enough of AWAVE and more to the point ,the wonderful Giulia Manfrini. She is so caring and sweet and far above and beyond any travel consultant that I have ever worked with
Thankyou Giulia for all your prompt answers to my gazillion questions
You are “Simply the best”.
Now onto the Carpe Diem
The trip of a lifetime was had by all 20 of us
The Captain and crew worked tirelessly to pander to our every whim
They would not allow us to lift a finger
Our Barmen Shawn and Cook ( still can’t pronounce his name ) were superb, the food was first class and varied and the alcohol flowed like a river
Our Surf guide “Seppe” found waves for us every day except for two while we travelled deep into the central Attols
We were greatful for the rest
We snorkeled with the sharks and visited uninhabited Islands spent an afternoon being spoiled at a high class resort .
All in all an Awsome trip

Diane 05/11/23

James helped us organize our trip in April for my partner and I in the Mentawai.
First, lets discuss the service : James was super clear and reactive. We received a list of resorts with different price ranges and he provided all the elements for us to decide based on our needs and budget. We felt very supported for the organization and we even received so advices few days before leaving for packing.
I was a bit afraid as i'm not a good surfer so i reach out many times to understand how I could still try and learn and James always replied very quick and with all the info i need.
Then when we arrive : it was super well organized, everything went smooth and we fell in love with the place and people. We can tell they really worked on their resort selection and travel organization and we trust our next adventure will be as qualitative.
Already recommended their service ;).