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Maldives Surf Charters Explained

When dreaming of surfing in paradise, where crystal-clear waters meet endless blue skies, the Maldives usually comes to mind. This tropical haven doesn’t just offer breathtaking beauty; it’s also a top destination for surfers seeking the adventure of a lifetime. Surf Charters in the Maldives provide an exclusive gateway to some of the world’s most beautiful waves, allowing you to surf tropical perfection with your friends.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just beginning to ride the waves, surf charters in the Maldives can cater to all levels of experience and preferences. From small charters that offer a more intimate surfing experience to large luxury vessels equipped with all the comforts of home, there’s a perfect option waiting for you.

Can’t get a group together? We have shared charters which allow you to join a larger group of fellow surfers. Step into this article to navigate the vast choices and find the best surf charter that will make your Maldivian sea and surf expedition truly unforgettable.

Exploring the Waves: What to Expect from Maldives Surf Charters

Embarking on a surf charter in the Maldives is like stepping into a different world where the waves are always welcoming and the ocean views are endless. These charters take you directly to some of the best surfing spots across the atoll led by expert surf guides. Charters can target gentle rollers perfect for beginners to heavier surf for intermediate to advanced surfers. Booking a private charter with just your group offers the greatest flexibility where you can surf.

Our partner surf charters are equipped with seasoned guides. We primarily use local Maldivian guides who have grown up surfing in the country and have a deep knowledge of the best waves and freediving spots. They ensure that you’re taken to the best spots based on current weather conditions and your surfing skills. At AWAVE Travel, we believe the best way to see the Maldives is alongside locals.

Apart from the thrilling surfing sessions, you can relax on the deck, sunbathe, or even dip into the ocean for a bit of snorkeling, seeing beautiful coral reefs and colourful marine life. It’s all about blending adventure with relaxation, making every moment on board epic.

Small Surf Charters: Intimate Surf Trips

For those looking for a more personalised surfing experience, small private surf charters in the Maldives are ideal. These smaller vessels provide a cosy, private setting for you and a handful of other surfers. Smaller groups mean a lower crowd in the water and are perfect for groups of friends and families.

Among the most sought-after small charter options are vessels like “Fascination,” “Over Reef,” and “Dhoni Stella 1 and 2“. These charters offer high-end surfing experiences and the comfort of luxury accommodations on board. Imagine waking up to a direct view of the sunrise over the Maldives’ clear blue waters and ending the day with a freshly prepared meal under the stars. These smaller charters are perfect for those who wish to escape the larger crowds found on bigger vessels, promising a tranquil and immersive surfing voyage enveloped by the breathtaking nature of the Maldives.

Large Surf Charters: Luxury on the High Seas

When we think of the ultimate in comfort and grandeur on the water, large surf charters in the Maldives come to mind. These vessels combine the joy of surfing with the opulence of a luxury vacation. On board, space is more abundant, and the amenities mimic those of a high-end hotel, making it a favoured choice for those who seek a lavish retreat while catching the perfect waves. These large charters typically feature spacious lounges, sun decks, fine dining options, and sometimes even wellness centres, including spas and gyms.

Surf charters like “Azalea,” “M/Y Felicity,” and “Honors Legacy” offer not just top-tier facilities but also ensure that every aspect of the surfing journey is handled with meticulous care. These boats navigate through the Maldivian seas, reaching exclusive surf spots that are less frequented, providing a serene atmosphere to both surf and unwind. Whether you’re watching a sunset from the deck after a day of surfing or enjoying a gourmet meal prepared by onboard chefs, these charters promise a remarkable and unforgettable experience at sea.

Shared Surf Charters: Connecting with Fellow Wave Enthusiasts

Shared surf charters are a fantastic way to meet new people who share your passion for surfing. These trips are designed to foster a sense of community, bringing together individuals, couples, or small groups on a single vessel. The vibrant atmosphere onboard encourages interactions, making these charters not just about surfing but also about making new friends and sharing unforgettable experiences.

Charters like “Blue Horizon 2“, “SurfBoat.Pro,” and “Maavahi” are equipped to provide both comfort and adventure in the Maldivian waters. These shared experiences often include group activities like barbeques, island visits, and snorkeling, alongside surfing at some of the best breaks. The inclusive environment makes it easy for everyone to feel connected

Whether you’re looking for the intimate setting of a small surf charter, the unmatched luxury of a large yacht, or the communal vibe of a shared surf adventure, the Maldives has something spectacular to offer every surfer. As we continue to deliver exceptional surf experiences through our partner charters, we invite you to immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of the Maldives. Let AWAVE Travel be your guide to a surfing journey you’ll never forget. Explore our options and find the perfect surf charters that match your dream surfing holiday.

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Customer Reviews

AWAVE Travel

Customer Reviews

Lissette De Boer 30/06/24

Giulia was incredibly helpful in booking our surf trip! Strongly recommend using AWAVE for any surf packages. We will definitely be contacting her again. Thank you!

Fabs Alegria 19/05/24

Trip of a lifetime. First and foremost I'd like to thank James Colston from Awave Travel, for assisting me in every which way to help book one of the most memorable experiences I've had in my life. He was extremely responsive and answered every single question I had, even the dumb ones haha. As for AYADA, holy dooly, that place is paradise! Absolutely breathtaking, I couldn't believe I was actually walking around such a beautiful island! Big love to the staff at Magu Restaurant, seeing as how I ate there pretty much everyday, they were amazing! Very switched on and quick off the mark to help with anything that was needed. A special mention to Dhaboa and the captain who took me out surfing! I cannot speak highly enough about their friendly, helpful and straight up on point expertise. With Dhaboa picking the spots to surf and tips on where to sit to catch the best waves on the day, to the wonderful captain himself, filming and sending me videos of the waves I caught.
Absolute legends! Made my surf trip! Best holiday I've ever been on to this date.

Carlos 30/06/24

Reliable travel agency to book a surf trip - Both Giulia and James were very reactive and adivsed on the best options. In our case we made a boat trip in Maldives. It is the second time we use Awave Travel to do a surftrip to Maldives and we have had a very good experience in both cases. They are a reliable and trustworthy travel agency, I highly recommend them.

Tatsiana Radchanka 04/21/2024

Amazing surf camp. Felt at home there. Super nice, kind, helpful staff. Any of my requests has been satisfied. Highly recommended!

Charles Viellevoye 03/27/2024

Very professional team. Giulia is always on and have an accurate answer to all my questions. The boat trip was incredibly well organised. Nothing was missing.

Emily Bullen 04/03/2024

Professional and Top Notch! From the moment we started planning our trip AWAVE was responsive and professional. We had a lot of back and forth picking the perfect location and resort and James and Giulia were patient and helpful. The resort we stayed at, AYADA in the Maldives, was beautiful and relaxing- great for families and couples! It was perfect for us- we have 1 surfer in the family, he was able to enjoy the waves and we also were able to enjoy the reef and snorkel as a family. Our kids loved the kids club and the private pool on the beach villas was amazing. The alcohol is expensive if you don’t do full board but that is to be expected. Wonderful vacation and amazing travel agency! Definitely recommend!!

Cobus and Jackie Van Aswegen 10/19/23

awesome last minute trip which was well communicated, friendly crew and great surf guide! waves were not the best but we realised at the time of booking that it was end of season. crew could not be more friendly and willing to help all the time - chef prepared a wide variety of food and never any complaints on that front - thanks!!!... we will be back for more!

Steve 10/07/23

I've used Awave twice ... so far. This is the second time I've used Awave for a trip to the maldives. Stayed in 2 different resorts this time. They've always been incredibly prompt at replying and handled everything for us, making sure the 2 Resorts were in touch to get us transfered half way through our trip. At one of the resorts I even bumped into Giulia and Delia who were out there surfing at the time. There's no doubt in my mind that I'll use awave again if I'm booking a surf trip

Donald Ayres 11/06/23

Indonesia Surf Trip/ Java/Bali/Sumba - James Colston was my representative from AWAVE - I’m an older solo surfer and James was attentive, respectful, extremely responsive from the initial planning stages all the way through the booking. And he was so patient with all my crazy questions along the way. I couldn’t have been more pleased with James’s level of service. Thank you James

Alex Daish 12/28/23

Giulia was an amazing person to book with. I was overwhelmed with choices initially, but AWAVE knew their stuff and helped me with my options and even suggested delaying my trip so I could go to a certain hotel which ended up being the best decision I made all year.